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Export Company
To improvise human life style, protect the nature and society by providing products, manufactured with eco-friendly materials and processes.
To provide cost effective, global standard, end to end packing solutions for diverse industries.
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About Us
G-Pack (Green Pack).. The Name prescribes the business we are in. In the fast paced world, we believe protecting the nature and living our earth as a better place to live for the forthcoming generations is of greater significance. With this as the DNA of G-Pack and the obsession to improvise the human lifestyle by promoting Eco-Friendly Products usage, G-Pack ventured into Recycling Paper and Pulp Molded Products Manufacturing.

Our Manufacturing facility and Process too are Eco-Friendly. Located at Kallapalayam,Coimbatore, India . With over 6000 sq.ft built up area and state of art machineries uses Electric Power - generated from renewable energy sources (Wind Mill), Sunlight/Wood Fuelled Dryer, Minimal Water Consumption, Nil Residual deposits and many more Nature Conserving Processes.

Emphasizing the concept Reuse & Recycle, all our products manufactured are by recycling used paper. Paper Pulp made products are Environment Friendly, Recyclable, Bio-Degradable and Economic.

Please contact us at

(Factory) 104-A, Seshayan Thottam,
Chinnakuyli Road,
Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu - 641 201

Phone : +91-96770 34314
E-mail :sales@gpack.in 
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