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Export Company
To improvise human life style, protect the nature and society by providing products, manufactured with eco-friendly materials and processes.
To provide cost effective, global standard, end to end packing solutions for diverse industries.
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G-Pack - Guidelines for Using G-Pack Paper Conversions site contents, logo, images.,

Throughout the world, thousands of customers recognize and select G-Pack on the basis of the company's trademarks and service marks, which signify high-quality. Without these trademarks and service marks (collectively referred to as "trademarks"), consumers would not be able to distinguish G-Pack Paper Conversions from those of other companies, nor would they be able to readily identify the superior quality that G-Pack trademarks represent. Therefore, it is critically important that trademarks of G-Pack and its subsidiaries are protected.

If after reviewing the guidelines for using G-Pack trademarks you still have a question about use, please direct your inquiry to info@gpack.in with the subject of Trademarks of G-Pack Paper Conversions . G-Pack will make reasonable efforts to respond to your request. However, based on volume of requests you should allow several weeks for a response. In the absence of a response, the guidelines for using G-Pack Trademarks shall govern any and all uses.

Designing Marketing Material

If you are a developer, partner, customer, or other third party, always use your own proprietary design style when creating and producing a marketing piece. You must not copy the G-Pack design style or borrow any G-Pack design elements.

Guidelines for Using G-Pack-Copyrighted Material

The use of original texts, graphics, images, screen shots, and other materials from G-Pack sources must be approved by G-Pack. In addition, when using such materials, you must include a copyright notice - either in an adjacent area or as a footnote - to indicate G-Pack's copyright.

The copyright should read as follows:

"(c) gpack.in. All Rights Reserved."

Please note that G-Pack photography is only licensed for G-Pack use and must not be used by third parties in their communications.

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