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Export Company
To improvise human life style, protect the nature and society by providing products, manufactured with eco-friendly materials and processes.
To provide cost effective, global standard, end to end packing solutions for diverse industries.
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Why Pulp
Why Use Molded Pulp Packaging?

  • Molded Pulp products are economical, ready to use and environmentally compatible
  • Molded Pulp products are tough, resilient, can be reused, protects shipping damage
  • Molded Pulp packaging resists repeated shocks,
  • Molded Pulp is appreciated by users customers because of easy disposal
  • Molded Pulp packaging products have been tested in the laboratory and in use.
  • Molded Pulp packaging can be designed to reduce inventory of packaging materials
  • Molded Pulp packaging has thousands of satisfied customers
  • Molded Pulp can be contoured to fit many products
  • Molded Pulp packaging is used by a number of high tech companies
  • Molded Pulp products can use many types of waste paper materials keeping them from landfills and Molded Pulp products consume less space in land fills by weight
  • Molded Pulp products consume less space in trucks for shipment
  • Molded Pulp can be thermoformed to produce a high quality appearance
  • Molded Pulp products are produced without the use of toxic materials
  • Molded Pulp Products produce no toxic materials when incinerated
  • Molded Pulp Products are used for point-of-purchase packaging
  • Molded Pulp products can be used in automated packaging processes
  • Molded Pulp can be shaped in almost an infinite number of configurations
  • Molded Pulp is a true Green packaging material.
  • Molded Pulp can be molded into complex shapes
  • Molded Pulp packaging products can be printed and embossed
  • Molded Pulp can provide blocking and bracing as well as cushioning
  • Molded Pulp designed interior packaging products can reduce packing labor costs
  • Molded Pulp is the global solution for environmental packaging material
  • Molded Pulp can be used to protect large heavy items as well as small delicate products
  • Molded Pulp disposal costs are minimal
  • Molded Pulp is neutral electrically and produces no static electrical discharges
  • Molded Pulp packaging is not subject to ridged global environmental restrictions
  • Molded Pulp uses renewable raw materials
  • Molded Pulp medical product packaging is acceptable for radiation and ETO gas sterilization
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